Angus Wells

Lords of the Sky – Part 4

The thrilling conclusion of Sam’s journey with the Lords of the Sky! The massive book ends with all (some) of our questions answered and the establishment of a poorly conceived new world order. We finally journey to the lands of the Ahn to (briefly) explore their mysterious land and learn almost nothing about them. None of that matters, however, because there’s a dragon named Deburah; seriously, it’s the best.

Lords of the Sky – Part 3

Sam is half-way through explaining the book Lords of the Sky to Danielle, and in this part the plot finally seems to enter the picture. Mysterious new characters, new cultures, mutiny, basic philosophy, prison breaks, amnesia, politics, it’s all here, kinda. And at long last, yes, there are even dragons!

Lords of the Sky – Part 2

In this episode Sam continues his exploration of the book Lords of the Sky by Angus Wells. In part two Daviot (whose name is impossible for Danielle to remember) leaves school to wander the land telling stories and is given far more importance than he deserves. We somehow manage to talk about this for over an hour. Danielle realizes that boats aren’t always boats. There are still no dragons.

Lords of the Sky – Part 1

Sam begins his first multi-part dive into the fantasy novel Lords of the Sky by Angus Wells. Hunker down for a slow burn as young Daviot discovers he has a special talent and is sent off to a school to learn to use it (well, eventually). No, he isn’t a wizard, but he can remember stuff real good. There’s love, there’s poorly explained magic, and most importantly, there’s probably dragons (just not in this part, maybe the next). Also, if you enjoy your hosts complaining about cartography, you’re in for a treat. Buckle-in, this is going to be a long one.