The 13th Warrior

In the first full episode of the new year, Sam shares with Danielle the 1999 Antonio Banderas film The 13th Warrior. When Ahmad, an Arabic poet, is caught canoodling with a courtier’s wife, he is exiled in the form of being sent out of his home as an ambassador. An ambassador to where? That doesn’t matter, because he immediately hooks up with a band of Vikings who are called on a quest to stop an ancient evil from destroying some other Vikings. Sam doesn’t really get it either. The point is, Ahmad will have to learn to get along with his new friends if they’re to accomplish their mission. In his journey, Ahmad will get to know the Viking people, more than Sam at least, who still can’t remember a single one of their names. Ahmad will find love, hear tales of dragons, and deal with Viking political intrigue, and if you think all of those things aren’t immediately discarded by the movie as irrelevant, then this movie will surprise you. Don’t worry though, the film has plenty of cave bear-people who love retreating through the mist while hissing to keep things wacky.

Red Riding Hood

In this episode Danielle shares a bizarre take on the classic fairy tale with the film Red Riding Hood. If you thought that Red Riding Hood would be improved with the addition of a werewolf and a lackluster love triangle, than have we got a movie for you. While an adult Red Riding Hood descending into paranoia because anyone in her village might be the werewolf terrorizing her is pretty great, it pales in comparison to the crazed werewolf hunter Gary Oldman and his giant iron elephant oven (that was not a typo). There’s not a lot of plot to cover, but the abundance of insanity more than makes up for it. To understand any of this Sam and Danielle could really use the expertise of an astronomer, an anatomist, a cryptozoologist, or really all the help they can get.


Sam shares his love for the film Highlander with Danielle, a cult classic from 1986. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a secret race of immortals walked among us? Highlander posits that they spend most of their time popping out of thin air to surprise each other with sword fights as they battle to the death for the fabled prize. Why is this prize worth fighting for? Why do they have to fight to the death? Why are some people born immortal? None of these questions will be answered, but there is a punk-rock hedonist monster called the Kurgan, so we don’t really mind. Join us for Highlander where the rules, and the accents, make no sense, but we do know there can be only one!

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Lords of the Sky – Part 4

The thrilling conclusion of Sam’s journey with the Lords of the Sky! The massive book ends with all (some) of our questions answered and the establishment of a poorly conceived new world order. We finally journey to the lands of the Ahn to (briefly) explore their mysterious land and learn almost nothing about them. None of that matters, however, because there’s a dragon named Deburah; seriously, it’s the best.

Lords of the Sky – Part 3

Sam is half-way through explaining the book Lords of the Sky to Danielle, and in this part the plot finally seems to enter the picture. Mysterious new characters, new cultures, mutiny, basic philosophy, prison breaks, amnesia, politics, it’s all here, kinda. And at long last, yes, there are even dragons!

Lords of the Sky – Part 2

In this episode Sam continues his exploration of the book Lords of the Sky by Angus Wells. In part two Daviot (whose name is impossible for Danielle to remember) leaves school to wander the land telling stories and is given far more importance than he deserves. We somehow manage to talk about this for over an hour. Danielle realizes that boats aren’t always boats. There are still no dragons.

Lords of the Sky – Part 1

Sam begins his first multi-part dive into the fantasy novel Lords of the Sky by Angus Wells. Hunker down for a slow burn as young Daviot discovers he has a special talent and is sent off to a school to learn to use it (well, eventually). No, he isn’t a wizard, but he can remember stuff real good. There’s love, there’s poorly explained magic, and most importantly, there’s probably dragons (just not in this part, maybe the next). Also, if you enjoy your hosts complaining about cartography, you’re in for a treat. Buckle-in, this is going to be a long one.