Isaac Asimov

Book Reshorts: Partial Recall 2: The Forgetting Strikes Back

In this week’s Book Reshorts it’s Sam’s turn to test Danielle’s powers of recall. Sam takes Danielle all the way back to their very first episode and sees how well she can remember all the dense science fiction and weird alien sex from the Isaac Asimov book The Gods Themselves. While the science, and character names, may elude her, she does recall some of the more outlandish plans the characters try to execute, if not exactly why someone might want to fly the moon off into space. So listen to find out exactly which parts of that story are forgotten and which are lodged forever in our brains.

The Gods Themselves

Sam attempts to describe the Isaac Asimov book The Gods Themselves to Danielle. It’s full of scheming scientists, parallel universe aliens, moon people, and a lot of sex for a book that is decidedly not sexy. We hope you enjoy this dive into the golden age of classic sci-fi as much as we did.