Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew: Sleight of Dan

Danielle brings another Nancy Drew mystery to Sam with the graphic novel Sleight of Dan. The girl detective is back! Nancy Drew has a brand new mystery to solve, well, not so much a mystery as ruining everyone else’s good time. When a magician, Dan Deville, comes to town and makes his assistant really disappear, Nancy won’t rest until she’s figured out the trick and spoiled it for her friends. There’s a giant boa constrictor that doesn’t really matter, and a bunch of weird magicians who really should matter more, but Sam is focused on the real mystery: Where does Nancy keep getting all those phones, and is she the worst?

Nancy Drew Vampire Slayer

Danielle does her darnedest to make sense of the first two volumes of the graphic novel Nancy Drew Vampire Slayer. The famous girl detective is back in a modern take, and now she’s confronting the possibility of the supernatural in the form of someone who is almost certainly not a vampire. Join Danielle and Sam as they attempt to dive into this “mystery”, but find themselves instead concerned with the real mystery: The fate of Nancy’s dog.