Sam's Games

Book Reshorts: What’s in a Name?

Sam’s back with another game for Danielle which he calls: What’s in a Name? Sam wants to take a moment to look back on some of the not terrible things that happened in 2021, so he pulls four books that were published that year and, using only the titles and author names, asks Danielle to guess the plots of those books. Danielle does remarkably well, and may even have improved on one book, but the real winner is all of us for learning about some new things to possibly read, and some fun alternate plots. So join us for another fun game to ring in the new year!

Book Reshorts: But What Do They Think?

As they gear up for the holidays and their annual Winter Bizarre, Danielle and Sam are dropping some shorts so they don’t explode from being too busy. So enjoy as Sam puts Danielle through the horrors of a new game show he calls “We know your thoughts, but what do they think?” Which, aside from being just super catchy title, Danielle finds less challenge in the game itself and more in just remembering any of the titles for the media they’ve done on this show.