Shark Week

Jaws: The Revenge

Sam closes out Shark Week by sharing Jaws: The Revenge, the fourth installment in the Jaws franchise. Follow the Brody family (except Roy Scheider, the one you care about) as they are assailed by a shark determined to take revenge. Revenge for what we’re not exactly sure, possibly to restore shark honor. What we can say for sure is that this movie contains both a probable shark psychic and Michael Caine, and we are so here for it. Also, the shark is clearly better at making plans than the people. So join us for some fun, and blood, in the sun!


Danielle kicks-off our Shark Week special with the Australian/Singaporean co-production Bait. When a tsunami strikes, a former lifeguard must face his greatest fear while trapped in a flooded grocery store: his ex-fiancé (oh, and sharks). How do you survive such a deadly situation? Do you sacrifice another person? A small dog? Construct rudimentary shark armor from grocery baskets? The answer is clearly all of the above. So join us for Bait, where the sharks will eat everything in a grocery store except the actual food.